In March 2007 in Siena Professor Aldo Berlinguer with the help of other partners forms the “Il Campo delle idee” associations and becomes its President.

“Il Campo delle Idee” is an association of free citizens that is intended to change the channels of participation and the occasions of confrontation through organizating public initiatives and proposing new topics for discussion in sienese media, inviting representatives to report and informate the citizens.

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At the present moment it’s important to try to approach the new generation of citizens to the politics, because even if they are prepared and well informed, they are not participating in governing the city. It is a long discussion : ideas are born from the confrontation and from the contribution of varieties that the association pronounces and cultivates.
This virtual space has been created to let more people make their contribution by participating in discussions. Events and reunions organized by “Il Campo delle idee” are opened for everyone.